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Fischbein 101

Crepe tape version of the 100 with a wider feed dog and pressure foot for tape over closure

The Fischbein 101 is constructed with heavy duty metal components for durability that will last for years. Even in the most demanding working environments, Fischbein`s pressurised, self-lubrication system protects moving parts and ensures maximum productivity and low maintenance.

The 100 Sewing Head is a low vibration sewing head used for tape and/or plain sewing of open-mouth bags, including paper, polyethylene, coated woven polypropylene and complex bags.

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Fischbein 101 Specification

Power: Recommend 0.37kW motor to drive stitcher
Sewing Speed: 24 - 80 feet per minute
Stitch Length: 6.5 - 12.5mm

So, why choose this make & model?

• Fast
• Compact design
• Variable operating speed
• Low noise
• Patented self-lubricating system
• Pneumatic needle cooler

Product Dimensions

Weight: 26 kg
Length: 0.34m
Width: 0.26m
Height: 0.39m


Did you know? We also supply a range of specialist closure and consumable items for the Fischbein 101?

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